COVID-19 – Should I Still Be Running?

The coronavirus pandemic is a fluid and rapidly evolving situation. Many of you have asked, “Should I still be running during this crisis?” Am I more likely to catch coronavirus while running? Do I pose a risk to others while running? I personally am in a high-risk category of 60 years and older. Therefore, I […]

10 Cold Weather Running Tips

by David Willard Let’s face it, cold weather running can be a challenge, especially when the real feel temperatures are below freezing and the wind is blowing. So, what is a runner to do during several months of cold, winter weather? Following are a handful of tips to help you cope with cold weather running: […]

10 Pre-Run Warm-up Exercises to Help You Avoid Injury

If you are like me, when you started to train for your first distance run, you didn’t give a lot of thought to it – just put on some sneakers and began running. You kept running longer distances several days a week until you could complete your goal distance. I was 53 and had rarely […]