Find Your ZEN

Events Details

The Find Your ZEN Virtual Challenge will benefit the Zelda Empowerment Network dedicated to empowering women and girls with the tools they need to live strong lives of self-fulfillment and meaning. Your generous support will help us cover the costs of Victim Comfort Kits for victims of sexual assault.

Join us January 23-31, 2021 for the inaugural Find Your ZEN Virtual Challenge. This is an "Open Challenge", meaning you can run or walk as many miles as you desire during the event. Only able to walk one day for 1 mile, that is great! Or maybe you feel like running a 5K or half marathon in support of Z.E.N.- fantastic! Or possibly you are up for the ultimate challenge to see just how many days and how many miles you can complete during the event. The choice is yours. But all miles, from all participants, go to the same cause of supporting Z.E.N. supporting sexual assault victims with Comfort Kits!

Because it is a "virtual run/walk", you can run/walk at the place and time of your choosing, and as fast or as slow as you want. You can run/walk your chosen distance all at one time, or break it into smaller increments and complete the distance over multiple days. We just ask that you submit your mileage each day you complete a run or walk. We would also love to get pictures of you before, during or after your run/walk. Instructions for submission of mileage and photos will be provided to all participants.  

Prizes: Did we say prizes? There will be random prize winners of small gift certificates selected from all those submitting mileage and/or pictures. Each mileage report you submit counts as one entry, and each picture you submit counts as an extra entry. Prize winners will be selected throughout the event, so the more submissions the better your chances of winning.

So register now for the Find Your ZEN Virtual Challenge, get a custom designed race medal for participating, and support the amazing work of the Zelda Empowerment Network.