• COVID-19 – Should I Still Be Running?

    The coronavirus pandemic is a fluid and rapidly evolving situation. Many of you have asked, “Should I still be running during this crisis?” Am I more likely to catch coronavirus while running? Do I pose a risk to others while running? I personally am in a high-risk category of 60 years and older. Therefore, I have done a lot of reading to try and better understand how running affects a runner’s safety during this crisis. Following are some thoughts and practical applications from this reading. However, because we are learning new things about the virus and best practices daily, continue…
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  • 10 Cold Weather Running Tips

    by David Willard Let’s face it, cold weather running can be a challenge, especially when the real feel temperatures are below freezing and the wind is blowing. So, what is a runner to do during several months of cold, winter weather? Following are a handful of tips to help you cope with cold weather running:   1. Before you go outside on a run check the temperatures and real feel conditions. Ignore the television reports which often exaggerate. Instead, go online and look at the actual numbers, without any editorial enhancements. 2. If you have a flexible schedule, plan your run for…
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  • The Importance of Strides

    If you have been running for any length of time you have probably heard someone refer to doing strides. Some may mention doing strides before a workout or race while others talk about strides after a run. It can be a little confusing if you have never been trained on strides, so let’s provide a quick overview on What is a stride, What is the purpose of strides, and How best to perform them. What is a Stride? Strides are 20-30 second sprints at about 80% - 90% of your all-out-effort. Runners will usually perform 4-6 strides with a 2:00…
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  • 10 Pre-Run Warm-up Exercises to Help You Avoid Injury

    If you are like me, when you started to train for your first distance run, you didn’t give a lot of thought to it – just put on some sneakers and began running. You kept running longer distances several days a week until you could complete your goal distance. I was 53 and had rarely run more than 1-2 miles at one time in my life. Fortunately, I received a little advice along the way from runners with more experience, but no formal plan or training to get me ready. 2 months before my 1st half marathon, I had IT…
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  • Tips for Masters Runners (and All Runners) From Masters Runners

    We recently asked a group of experienced Masters Runners to share their running advice with other Masters Runners. We asked them for tips or words of wisdom for their fellow Masters Runners, secrets to their longevity, advice for avoiding injury and burnout, and whatever else they thought would be helpful. We present their comments, with many recommendations applicable to runners of any age, for your consideration. For context, A Masters Runner is a runner, male or female, over the age of 40. CG (75), North Carolina: It really is a gift/blessing to be able to run injury free later in…
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