Virtual Charity Events is dedicated to:

Helping Charities:

– Increase awareness of your cause
– Increase involvement, community & social engagement by your supporters and friends
– Improve fundraising activities
– Create and improve management of fun, active events

Helping Individuals:

– Improve physical conditioning
– Increase a healthy lifestyle 
– Increase awareness, involvement, & engagement in supporting causes 
– Have fun and earn prizes and awards  

Helping Corporations:

– Encourage a healthy lifestyle among their employees and customers
– Promote a charitable mindset
– Promote and support philanthropic initiatives
– Increase awareness for their brand and their commitment to society

Organizing and supporting both traditional and virtual events, Virtual Charity Events provides turnkey services that require little from the sponsoring charity organization, other than a passion to select and promote a fun event for your supporters and friends.  The beauty of virtual events is they require much less up-front cost, personnel and volunteer time, and can be completed by anyone of any skill level at anytime from anywhere.  It doesn’t get much easier then that! 

So whether you want to organize or participate in a traditional or virtual event, Virtual Charity Events offers the tools and resources to design, manage and implement active events that are fun, engaging and promote an active lifestyle while supporting philanthropic causes.

The Virtual Charity Event Story

It has been said when one combines their expertise with passion and a purpose beyond one’s self, they can create something unique and beautiful that they are excited about, believe in and are proud of. Virtual Charity Events was founded by David Willard when he combined his expertise from years in corporate sales, marketing and leadership with his passion for sports, healthy living and helping others. For years Dave had tried to balance his family and personal life with work, an active lifestyle, and charitable volunteer efforts. As many know, balancing family, hobbies and work can be difficult to achieve. But as time allowed he worked with many worthwhile charity organizations including the United Way, local hospitals, school and church groups, and even large universities, on awareness campaigns, funding initiatives, event organization and management, and served on their boards and in leadership positions. But it wasn’t until leaving the corporate world and founding Virtual Charity Events that he was able to dedicate more time and attention to his desire of combining healthy living with philanthropy. Now, Virtual Charity Events exists to help others forward their causes, increasing awareness, involvement and a sense of community among their supporters, while improving a healthy lifestyle and raising funds in fun and exciting ways.