What is a Virtual Event?

A Virtual Event is just like a regular race or event, but can be done anywhere at any time by anyone. Virtual events can be a run, bike, swim, golf or other type race, event or challenge.  They are virtual in name only, as to participate you still have to complete the type of event at the selected distance during the event dates.  The big difference between a virtual event and a traditional event is that you can participate from any location in the world, at a time, place and pace that is convenient for you.  If it is a 5k “run” format, you can run, walk or roll (wheelchair friendly) the entire race, or combine running and walking to complete the distance.  You can run your favorite trail, track or path, or even use a treadmill.  You can even run in another local race and have it count towards this virtual race.  You just set your own course and you can run anywhere on the planet at a date and time convenient for you. No long drives early in the morning, or expensive flights and hotels. No long lines at expos or being placed in coral Q at the back of hundreds or thousands of runners.  No need to run on cold, rainy days, or hot, humid, sun beating days – unless you want to.  You have the freedom and flexibility to fit the event into your schedule.

Why participate in a Virtual Charity Event?

They are convenient, provide motivation and a goal for you, your family and friends to get active, always support a great cause, are fun with lots of great awards and prizes, and they are totally flexible:

  • You choose the Date – any day during the event window (usually 2-4 weeks) that fits your schedule
  • You choose the Time – no 5:30am starts, unless you want to – morning, noon or night
  • You choose the Format (if not designated) – Like to run, walk, bike, swim or roll – you pick
  • You choose the Distance (if not designated) – walk, run or roll – 5k, 10k, or  1/2 marathon
                                                                                   – bike – 20k, 40k or 90k
                                                                                   – swim – .75k, 1.5k or 1.9k
  • You choose the Course – flat, hilly, in the city, in a park or wherever you like.  You can even use a treadmill, walk in a mall, or even complete the “virtual” event while participating in a “traditional” event (5k run, 10 mile bike ride, etc.)
  • You choose the Pace – go as fast or as slow as you like
  • You choose the Charity to Support – many great charity causes to support and growing all the time
  • You choose Who to do it with – by yourself, with your friends, a team from work, your family and/or your pet
  • You have Fun – great bling, contest prizes and awards associated with most events

How do I participate in a Virtual Charity Event?

Participation is easy for all our Virtual Events. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Review the list of available events and choose the event you want to participate in.  Is there a specific charity you want to support?  Do you like a given format (run, bike, swim, golf, etc.)? Is the event during a time that fits my schedule? 
  2. Read all the details associated with the event.
  3. Once you find the event that is right for you, select the Register button on the Event Description Page and complete all the required information on the online, secure, registration web page for the event.  You are now registered for the event.
  4. Encourage others to join you as a participant in the Virtual Event – tell, phone or use social media to invite others to join you.
  5. All participants are also encouraged to set up a charity donation page to raise additional funds for deserving charities. Setting up a donation page is simple and easy, and lets others know of your involvement, and encourages them to support you on your accomplishments.
  6. Complete the format (run, bike, swim, golf, etc.) and distance for the event you selected within the designated timeframe.
  7. Return to the event page and post your time, a comment, a picture, other requested information, etc.
  8. Your “bling” (medal or shirt) and other awards and prizes will be mailed usually once the event time window is complete. Display it with pride knowing you accomplished your goal while helping raise funds for a great cause.
  9. Look for your next Virtual event to sign up for. Once you participate in one event, you will want to get involved in more virtual events and support the same or more charities in the process.

Who can participate in a Virtual Event?

Anyone that is in proper physical condition and medically able can participate. Young or old, an Olympic athlete or couch potato, most anyone can complete a virtual event at their own pace with no time limit or pressure.  Many participants complete their events with family, friends, children and pets. 

What is the date I need to complete a Virtual Event?

Virtual races have a window of dates to complete the race, typically 2-4 weeks of time are designated for each race. Check your event details for the exact dates.  You can pick anytime during that window to complete the race.  You can run early in the morning, late at night, or anytime in between.  Raining or too hot/cold the day you planned to run your race, you can run the next day or any other day in the window instead.

What awards/bling/swag are offered for participating?

All Virtual Events recognize your effort and accomplishments with a large, beautiful, custom designed medal, custom designed shirt, or some other custom designed recognition. Many events also offer a participant goody bag, awards, and even contest and random prizes.  See each event description for details.

Do I have to be in the U.S. to participate?

No, one of the great things about a virtual event is you can be located anywhere in the world and participate. You can invite your family and friends, no matter where they live, to participate, or you can even set up a team from all over the U.S. or world to work together to raise funds and participate in the virtual event.  Note: Participants outside the U.S. may be required to pay an extra shipping/handling fee to cover the added expense.

Do you offer discounts for early bird registration, multiple races or large groups?

Yes and no. Events organized by a specific charity may or may not offer discounts.  You need to review the charity specific event page for details.

How can I raise funds for a charity?

Raising funds for the charity of your choice could not be easier. First, a portion of the proceeds from your registration goes to the charity organizing the event or to a charity of your choice, depending on the event set-up.  In addition, once you complete your virtual event registration, you will be encouraged to set up your personal fundraising page. Information will be sent to you to assist you with setting up your page and the donation process. Once set-up you can let your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, classmates and neighbors know you are participating, share with them your fundraising goals, and ask them for a specific donation. Remember, it’s for a really good cause. You will be surprised how many will support your efforts.

Is my registration tax-deductable? What about extra donations?

  1. Tax-deductable receipts are not provided for virtual event registration as funds from the races are submitted as one lump sum to each charity instead of separate individual donations. The amount donated from registration fees to each charity will vary depending on several factors including how many have registered, the bling and swag for the event, mailing costs, etc. Consult with your tax advisor regarding these registration and donation fees for tax purposes.
  2. Donations made through your personal fundraising page are handled separately and go directly to the charity – Virtual Charity Events does not touch these funds at any time. Receipts for these donations through your personal fundraising page in most cases are tax-deductable and, when applicable, tax receipts are issued by each individual charity.

Does it matter how fast or slow I am? Do I have to report my time?

All virtual events are open to participants of all skill levels. It absolutely does not matter how fast or slow you are to participate.  For most virtual events you do not have to report your time.  Some events will offer prizes based on time, so if you wish to qualify for these prizes (optional) you will need to submit your time.  Note: You can’t use a time from a virtual run to qualify for an actual marathon like Boston or New York.  Virtual events are done “on your honor”.

How can I set up a Virtual Event?

Setting up a Virtual Event through Virtual Charity Events is easy. With just one or two calls with your personal Virtual Event Specialist, we will collect all the information needed to get the details of the event and help guide you in promoting participation and sponsorships for the event.  It is a turnkey service where we do most all the work for you.  It doesn’t get much easier to set-up and run a great fundraising event then with Virtual Charity Events.

Can you also help with the management of on-site, physical events (5k, bike race, fun run, etc.)?

Virtual Charity Events has many years experience helping set-up and manage on-site physical events. From consultation to full event management, if your organization would like assistance, Virtual Charity Events can help.  We can do on-site event management only, or on-site and virtual event management.  Just let us know what you are thinking and how we can help, and Virtual Charity Events will help you plan, organize and manage a fun and great fundraising event.

Why should we use your services?

Virtual Charity Events offers a dedicated team of experienced event and fundraising specialists to set-up and manage your virtual event, and assist and guide you with member promotion and gaining sponsors. Combined with the Virtual Charity Event System, a step-by-step, turnkey process that manages and tracks all the logistical, registration and donation aspects of the event, Virtual Charity Events works to help you have a fun, engaging, and successful fundraising event that builds your member community and raises funds for your organization.