How do I participate in a Virtual Charity Event?

Participation is easy for all our Virtual Events. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Review the list of available events and choose the event you want to participate in.  Is there a specific charity you want to support?  Do you like a given format (run, bike, swim, golf, etc.)? Is the event during a time that fits my schedule? 
  2. Read all the details associated with the event.
  3. Once you find the event that is right for you, select the Register button on the Event Description Page and complete all the required information on the online, secure, registration web page for the event.  You are now registered for the event.
  4. Encourage others to join you as a participant in the Virtual Event – tell, phone or use social media to invite others to join you.
  5. All participants are also encouraged to set up a charity donation page to raise additional funds for deserving charities. Setting up a donation page is simple and easy, and lets others know of your involvement, and encourages them to support you on your accomplishments.
  6. Complete the format (run, bike, swim, golf, etc.) and distance for the event you selected within the designated timeframe.
  7. Return to the event page and post your time, a comment, a picture, other requested information, etc.
  8. Your “bling” (medal or shirt) and other awards and prizes will be mailed usually once the event time window is complete. Display it with pride knowing you accomplished your goal while helping raise funds for a great cause.
  9. Look for your next Virtual event to sign up for. Once you participate in one event, you will want to get involved in more virtual events and support the same or more charities in the process.